The Top Dos and Don’ts with Your Ultrasonic Cleaner

When you buy in an ultrasonic cleaner from a reputed provider like hilsonic, you know that it is designed to perform and last for years. However, there are few things you should and shouldn’t do to be able to work with them for a while. As important as your personal safety when you work and when you’re around your ultrasonic cleaner. There are things you can do, and things you should avoid doing to keep yourself safe.

Things you can do with your Ultrasonic Cleaner

Before you drain the solution, turn the unit off. Leaving it can cause overheating. Also, don’t mix water from electricity as the combination of the two can be lethal in the human body.
You will also need to drain the detergent. Do remember that if anything falls off you to the bottom, it may not get flitrated. The dirt can then take up space and make the ultrasonic waves weaker, in turn making the cleaning process itself less effective than you would like. Use a rag and wipe the bottom, if something does fall off, with normal water.

Go in for water-based detergents, since solvent-based cleaners cannot be used properly with an ultrasonic cleaner and can potentially damage the tank’s surface. Plus, the solvents may be harmful to you as well.

If there are heavy parts with contamination, wipe them prperly before you place them in the ultrasonic cleaner. The ultrasonic cleaning can remove dirt easily but you need to keep a proper place for the dirt to accumulate.

To avoid damaging the ultrasonic cleaner, these are the things you shouldn’t do

Do not tinker around with electronic controls, transformers, or transducers on the unit
Yes, it’s not a good idea to try and fixe your ultrasonic cleaner on your own. Instead, call in the expertrs from You should knw that these machines operates under high voltage, and if you don’t know what you are doing, you can damage your equipment as well as yourself. Don’t just spray on the ultrasonic cleaner, clean the outside with a dry cloth or rag after turning the unit off.

Know What You Can Fill

Never fill the tank with any flammable liquides inlcuding alcohol and gasoline, as they can potentially cause a fire or even explosion, being harmful to both the workplace and yourself.
Additionally, avoid putting chlorine bleach into the tank. Bleach is not the best solution or not a good cavitation activity

Be Careful As to What You Put in It

Do not keep anything at the bottom as it can facilitate cavitation erosion, and even make the ultrasonic cleaner to leak sooner than later. Instead, use a basket or tray to hold parts in the unit.
Knowing these dos and don’ts of using your ultrasonic cleaner will help in maintaining and working safely with your ultrasonic cleaner. These simple tips will mean that the ulstrasonic cleaner you buy from us will last for years without any hiccups.